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Scars are often a source of embarrassment and low self-esteem for many people. Getting rid of acne, burns, and surgical scars to achieve a beautiful and smooth skin can feel like an impossible task. But with laser scar removal now available at Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s practice in Scottsdale AZ, you can finally find the confidence to show off your skin and love the way you look. Dr. LaBarbera uses advanced laser equipment and the latest medical technology to deliver a pleasant outcome while ensuring your safety and comfort.


Laser scar removal is a non-invasive procedure used to reduce the appearance of scars on the face and body. This procedure uses a high-powered laser light that penetrates the top layer of your skin and targets melanin (the pigment in your skin). The laser breaks up the pigment which fades away any discoloration or imperfections caused by scars. It also stimulates collagen production which helps soften and fill out the scar tissue for smoother looking skin.


Laser scar removal offers distinct advantages:

  • Improve your overall skin health and appearance without surgery or downtime associated with traditional methods of scar removal such as dermabrasion or chemical peels.
  • Safe procedure when performed by a certified professional like Dr. Jude LaBarbera who has extensive experience in this area.
  • Allows your body to naturally heal itself as new healthy skin cells replace the old ones. As a result, you get smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, lines, and blemishes.
  • This method of treatment does not require any anesthesia or sedation, so you won’t have to worry about being put under for the duration of the procedure or recovery time afterwards


When looking for laser scar removal services in Scottsdale AZ, there’s no better choice than Dr. Jude LaBarbera’s practice. The surgeon has years of experience treating patients with various types of scars using the latest technology and methods available today. Dr. LaBarbera’s friendly and supportive staff will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Reducing the appearance of unwanted scars can go a long way to enhance your confidence and quality of life. Dr. Jude LaBarbera and his team strive to deliver the best outcome possible for each patient while also ensuring your comfort and safety. The surgeon is also keen to answer all your questions so that you have the right expectations before you commit to this procedure. Get in touch to arrange a consultation or schedule your state-of-the-art laser tattoo resurfacing today.


Laser scar removal is generally considered to be a very effective treatment for reducing the appearance of scars. Most patients experience a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their scars after one or more treatments. The effectiveness of laser scar removal may vary depending on the type of scar and its severity.
Laser scar removal can be used to treat many types of scars, including acne scars, surgical scars, burn scars, and stretch marks.
Yes, laser scar removal is generally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced professional such as Dr. LaBarbera
Prior to your treatment, you should avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and waxing the area. You should also stop using any products containing retinol or glycolic acid at least one week before the procedure.
Typically, it will take several weeks to several months to see results from laser scar removal. The amount of time it takes to see results depends on the severity of the scar and the number of treatments.
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